Tour Description

A great daily boat tour to experience the beauties of Antalya: Adrasan & Suluada (Turkish maldives) daily boat tour. Experience an unforgettable Antalya boat day with sunbathing, swimming in deep blue waters and snorkeling from a wonderful wooden boat!

Suluada island and untouched magnificent coves
It is known that Suluada originates from a volcanic structure. Its unspoiled natural structure, white sands and deep blue waters are said to be healing. In Suluada, you will encounter a wonderful view, clean and attractive like an aquarium.

Suluada is like a hidden paradise that even those living in Antalya know little about. The reason why Suluada is worth seeing is the cleanliness of the sea water and the interesting color of the sand. This place is like a precious diamond of Antalya!

Experience swimming in the uniquely beautiful bays along the coast, called the Lycian Way, with wonderful mountain hiking routes. Who doesn’t want to swim in the cave of love? You will admire the sea like an aquarium in and around Adrasan.

The course of the yacht will follow the coastline; affording excellent views of the “Lycian way,” beaches and coves, famous for their pristine nature, wild rocky ledges and dazzling blue water; civilization has not yet reached here. Turtles favour this coast and are frequent visitors to this string of beaches – maybe we will be lucky and you will see one of them? Who knows? It is wonderful to share their domain…

Our tour bus will depart early in the morning to take you to the beautiful Bay of Adrasan. This is calm and peaceful place with clean small-pebble beach… the Bay, enclosed on three sides by land, has never seen large waves or storms. Here a pleasure yacht will depart for the island of Suluada.