Tour Description

Jeep Safari tour Antalya: It is a full day out and goes over some very pretty areas at the base of the Taurus Mountain range near Antalya.

What on this tour: Jeep safari – Action & Adventure off-road at the Taurus mountains with creeks, hills, forests and its pure nature.. and Lunch in the heart of nature. A quite different day with nature at the Taurus mountains part of Antalya.

Antalya Jeep tour: Jeep Safari at the Taurus Mountains from Antalya Hotels

With our Jeep Safari itinerary we will take you a bit away of ordinary boring city life.

If you want to have a full day of fun out of the city then go up into the mountains with our funny, friendly and experienced guides. During the tour we will pass through some mountain villages, visit a mosque and a village family.

Jeep Safari & Off-road tour near Antalya is one of the best ways towards Taurus Mountains to discover real beauty of country side of Turkey. The safari goes through an exciting route of winding roads, a few narrow unsurfaced roads where 2 vehicles cannot easily pass each other.

On our Safari tour the road passes through dense pine forests, the trees soaring up 20 meters. Road hazards include flocks of sheep and traditionally dressed village women and men. Through the 140 km off road you will get a quite different day out with the nature of the Taurus Mountains.

During jeep safari, you will discover lifestyle of village peoples, mosques, valleys, summit of the Taurus Mountains, many sort of plantations and animals.