Tour Description

Cruise along the Manavgat River on the western slopes of the Taurus Mountains on a full-day tour. Go to the Grand Bazaar at Manavgat to experience the local life, picking up some souvenir bargains along the way.

Enjoy full day in Manavgat town with a day cruise on the boat with the beautiful views of Manavgat river, visiting public bazaar. In the meantime, make a photo of turtles on the brink of Manavgat river. One of the best things to do in Antalya!

In this full day trip you will enjoy very famous boat trip along the Manavgat river and the delicous lunch onboard the boat, and spend a couple of hours at the very colourful open public bazaar at Manavgat town where all the Taurus mountain women come down for the day to sell their fresh fruit and vegetables as well as fake designer T-shirts, shorts, jeans and handbags.

Having a free time on a very sandy beach of Manavgat where the river meets the ocean. In the same time swimming in the ice cold water of Manavgat river or in the salt water at the ocean. Here you will have a chance to swim in both the river and the sea or have a walk on the beach or the riverbank. The mouth of the Manavgat River is protected on one side by a long sand bank.

You will see a fish farm and also see small river turtles along the riverbank. Passing the river boat yards finally you will arrive back in the town of Manavgat and have free time at the open public bazaar.

Visit the magnificent Manavgat Waterfalls and have 20-30 minutes to explore this stunning area.