Tour Description

Are you ready for a day full of action and extreme? 5 activities in 1 day lasting from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM are waiting for you! In magnificent nature of Köprülü canyon, you will push the speed limits with Jet Boat, get adrenaline with Monster Truck, Monster Jeep and Rafting, and breathe the nature in sliding down the Zipline. All adventures you expect from vacation will fit in one day!

Monster Truck
These specially designed open top Safari vehicles are used for transfer from the meeting point (SAĞIRİN) to our main activity area at 09:00 in the morning. Get ready for various surprises during this fun journey that will be the first of all-day-long activities and last approximately 20 minutes! The day is just beginning.

Jet Boat
Get ready to meet Monster jet boats! Racing along the narrow picturesque canyon with the power of 450 HP, they develop a speed of 70-100 km/h and can seat up 14 people. 45 minutes of travel will lodge the incredible nature and breathtaking 360-degree turns in your memory forever. When we stop in one of the parts of the route, you will discover the natural canyon cave and get an opportunity to take pictures in the magnificent view after passing through it.

Monster Jeep
The activity, which takes approximately 45 minutes with Monster Jeeps on the special off-road track in the main activity area and by the river, promises lots of moments full of adrenaline. You better hold on tight.

An adventurous rafting tour that lasts an average of 2.5 hours with 8-person boats on a 14 km long special rafting route.

Our Zipline track, located in our main activity area, is the only one in Antalya with a height of 15m and a length of 200m, it is waiting for you for a safe and enjoyable flight. The activity time is about 30 minutes.